Business Phone Call

  1. Making An Appointment

Galih: Hello morning, Dome Futsal Arena. This is Galih talking. What can I do for you?

Gadis: Hello, Galih. I’d like to check the futsal court.

Galih: Yes, there is one more free. Might you want to make an arrangement?

Gadis: Sure, please.

Galih: Is OK for you at 7 PM?

Gadis: No, we can’t. How about 8 PM?

Galih: Wait! Okay, it’s still free. What’s your name?

Gadis: Gadis. Gadis Reno.

Galih: Gadis Reno. Alright, Gadis, we’ll see you this evening.

Gadis: Well, Thank you very much.

Galih: Anytime, Gadis.

2. Documents that should bring

Danu : Hello good afternoon, can I speak with Mr. Gani?

Gani : Yes its me, who are you?

Danu : I’m Danu, from PT. Cempaka Mas Jaya

Gani : Oh oke, can I help you?

Danu : I would like to offer you to become our product in the ad are you willing?

Gani : Yes of course

Danu : Before you work as what?

Gani : I work at PT. United Tractors the accountant

Danu : Can you request a document profil your company to provide confirmation to our boss?

Gani : Yes I can. I’ll ask him to my boss

Danu : Okeh, and wear your postage labels 6000

Gani : Oke sir

Danu : We will meet at a fast-food restaurant hours 4 pm. thanks

Gani : Okeh wait me

3. Making cancelled an appointment

Lina : Hello I’m lina. Can I help you?

Lisa : I’m lisa can I speak with mrs. Mona

Lina : Sorry she has just gone. Is there a message for her?

Lisa : I made a promise to her to meet at a library that resides in Jakarta Selatan

Lina : When you make an appointment with her?

Lisa : Two weeks ago

Lina : What do you want to change the schedule?

Lisa : Yes, please say to her to go to the library we will leave for 3 days from now

Lina : Okay I’ll make a note of the new schedule for Mrs. Mona

Lisa : Thank you

Lina : Who is full your name

Lisa : Lisa rahmadani

Lina : Oke mrs. Lisa I’ll convey this message to Mrs. Mona

Lisa : Thanks again

Lina :Okey

4. Making an appointment via email

To :

subyek : Introducing Our Product

Assalamu’alaikum Wr. Wb.
Good morning everybody
Nice to meet you all today!

I am Indra and here I am as representative of our pharmacy company to introduce our top product that is Smart DetoxSmart Detox is one of the best way to get healthy life with the modern way for all of you who want to get the optimal healthy with the best appearance and ideal weight.

Smart Detox is safe to be consumed for all ages because its use the detoxification method or the way to throw away the poison from the body by metabolism system that is safe and concerned with nature. This product has brand Smart Nutrition and Food Supplement from America that is trusted during 40 years and spread in 70 countries with FDA Approval certificate.

Get the further information, free consultation, and interesting price from us for all of you who want to change your life style to be healthier, get your ideal weight, and lose your weight until 21 kg in 20 days only. Call our customer service by Chat, Whatsapp, or LINE in 082281800488 and BBM : 585B2E94.

Wasalamualaikum. Wr. Wb.



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