Kalimat Yang Mengandung Comparisons And Comparatives

  1. Equal comparison
  • Does Michael Schumacher drive as fast asValentino Rossi?
  • Is a rose as fragrant as a jasmine?
  • Dadang is as tall as I.


  • I have more books than you.
  • February has fewer days than March.
  • She earns as much money as her husband.

3. Double

  • Themore you try to forget him, the more you remember him.
  • The hotterit is, the more miserable she feels.
  • The lessyou care about what others say, the happier you are.

4. Superlative

  • He is the most dillient student in my class
  • My brother is the fattest in our family
  • Im the tallest amng my friends







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